Words Will Never Hurt Me

  • Posted: April 22, 2009 and this post was last modified April 9, 2011.

But the meaning behind those words can be like daggers. There are some types of people that can withstand the blows because they do not really care about everyone’s opinion of them. Or they just do not let it process in their minds. For whatever reason, Joe Schmoe’s comments do not phase everyone equally.

But a bully knows this. A bully is smart. A bully will select their victim well enough though to know who they can and cannot bully. For instance, a bully will not pick on someone larger than them whether it be in stature, ego, or status, they know their odds of getting a rise or a ‘win’ are slim.

Instead of using the old adage of ‘sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me‘, we should work on evolving our line of thinking with the evolution of our society. We seem to forget that there was actually an era where children obeyed their parents, vulgarity was not so widely accepted, and traditional values were held to a higher standard. The old adage simply does not apply anymore.

Quit serving your kids nursery rhymes to help them deal with life issues. You wouldn’t want to hear them as an answer to your adult issues, why prepare them for a world that is no fairy tale? Sure, we want them to dream big, have no troubles or worries, and just be a kid, but when they are faced with a bully, their childhood is already being taken from them. Rather than have it be taken from them altogether, why not arm them? Whether it be to promote their witty side, their inner strengths, or just teach them the ability to turn the other cheek, surely doing something is far more better than quoting a stupid nursery rhyme?!

And just because a person is older and still being bullied does not mean we can play the ‘adult’ card either. So many people have matured at different rates or have been taught different lessons in life. If someone does not know how to yet deal with a bully, teach them! We never stop learning. We never stop growing. We just choose to block those things.

Many people know the power of words. Why else do you think we have lovely accolades of loving sentiments printed on pretty paper known as greeting cards? Or great orators who motivate a crowd to perform even the most vile of acts? Words may be letters thrown together on a paper or vocalized in a speech, but they have power over many people. To tell our kids that words will never hurt them is to lie to them.

The bully knows the power of his words. A bully does not ever have to touch his victim to abuse them. The emotional stress and trauma he poses to his victims can often be far more gratifying and far more destructive than physical abuse ever could.

It pains me to see the ignorance of some people who will not admit that the emotional battlefield is so hard. Wake up. I swear I want to throw my own stones at you type of people. Just because you can handle your life well (though I am willing to bet you cannot as you say; there just is not one person in life who can go through life 100% happy all the time!!), does not mean everyone is like you! This is the heart of diversity! Come on! Someone sooooo intelligent as you should know that people cannot deal with life’s hiccups the same as you. And are quite frankly not afforded the same situations as you are. Perhaps you have a strong family unit to turn to, good friends, all things good to rely on. Perhaps the victims do not.

Now I do not advocate a victim maintaining a victim mentality, but the fact of the matter is there are victims. By definition, a bully has a target, and that target is therefor a victim.

We offer self defense classes for victims of violence so why not support for victims of emotional abuse? Give them some sort of defense mechanism?

Bullycide refers to someone committing suicide due to excessive bullying. These kids and adults are not victims of mere words. I’m sure they did not decide to take their life one day because someone told them their haircut was ugly. It was a process over time; the bully broke them down so much that the only alternative they saw was suicide.

This means you had time to help them. Help them with more than just ‘sticks and stones’ because bullying is more than just mere words. And the cruel reality is that words do hurt.

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