When I Was Your Age…

  • Posted: March 11, 2011 and this post was last modified April 3, 2011.

It can be easy sometimes to forget what it was like to be a kid. We seem to think that because we made it through unscathed, that it wasn’t so bad, but sometimes we just simply forget. The pressures of being liked, having friends, being accepted, enjoying life, being a kid, and just making it can be overwhelming. We are kids for 18 years because we need to be loved, shown how to survive, trained, conditioned, and be prepared for the world around us. But during those 18 years, we are discovering who we are and the world around us, but the world around us is our friends. We have the same amount of hours in the day that our adult counter-parts have, without nearly the same commitments, but our commitments are just as important…if not more; after all, we don’t know how difficult life can really get…right?

No one is created the same; we all handle adversity differently. As a kid, I must admit, I did not have trouble in school making friends. I did not have the drama of ‘trying to fit in’ or ‘peer pressure’ per se, but I did succumb to it. Not by pressure, but just by simply following the crowd. I didn’t think about it at the time; it’s just how things went. Luckily, I usually surrounded myself by the good crowd and so following it was never of any real consequence, but I was just one person of a graduating class of over 900 kids…in just my graduating class alone. Odds are, many had it better while others surely had it worse. The mind is so powerful, but as a kid, we just don’t understand its power; we succumb to it. We believe what it tells us when it says that we need to be popular, that we need to be in a relationship, that we need to look a certain way, act a certain way, and everything else that is so trivial to us now as adults, we hold to be the ultimate truth as a kid. I thoroughly enjoyed my school days, but for others, each day is a living hell.

We wait until it’s a tragedy; we wait until we have already lost a loved one. We wait.

Bullycide is the act of suicide as the result of bullying. The painful truth is that these kids and loved ones are being bullied on a consistent basis meaning it is not something that just happens over night. It is very painful to see it happening and not being able to do anything about it, but even more painful when you just didn’t know. No one wants to put blame on anyone for such a horrendous act, but if we do nothing, are we not all to blame as well?

That school administrators and teachers can, with a clear conscious, do nothing about a bully is disheartening. That we don’t have a more proactive bully prevention program or system set up in our schools is disheartening. That our loved ones feel so alone and that life is not worth living anymore is disheartening.

My friends and people that I come in contact on a consistent basis are always telling me how positive and happy I am; I am consistently telling them how amazing they are, how blessed I am to have them in my life, how much I love them, and how great and beautiful the day is despite the weather. =] I have had my fair share of hardships [I believe a little more than my fair share, but that’s neither here, nor there, lol] so when something as trivial as a rainy day or a flat tire on the way to work comes my way, I can’t really see the good in it ruining my state of mind and essentially, my day. It’s hard though. It’s draining to be a Positive Polly all the time at times, but it makes me feel good. It makes the people around me feel good. If we can all make everyone else feel good rather than worry about ourselves all the time, we could brighten a lot more people’s lives I do believe. I really do.

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