What Do We Do?

  • Posted: October 20, 2009 and this post was last modified April 4, 2011.

I can’t stop thinking about the issues involving bullycide. I read about a kid being bullied, bullies in school, and kids still resorting to suicide because they cannot deal with the pressure of a bully. It breaks my heart. I cannot think about the subject without a wave of emotions pouring through my body. It is not enough to just acknowledge there is a problem though. It is not enough to know what it is. It is not enough to cry ‘bully’ when we are not prepared or willing to do something. Is it?

I want to reach out to those being bullied. I want to tell them to keep their chins up. I want to show them there is better. I used to work with kids in daycare and babysat alot in my youth. I played with those kids as if we were the same age; we had a lot of fun. I always made sure that everyone was smiling and if someone was not, I made it a point to tell those poking fun that we are all fun people. We are all great kids to hang out with and we should stick together.

There will always be kids making fun of kids and keeping other kids outside of the ‘group’ but that is not what I’m trying to say the problem is. The problem is not in kids being kids. It is kids not realizing the damages they cause, in kids thinking they can get away with being a bully, in kids feeling so hopeless as to want to end their life way before it even begins, and in just crossing our arms because we do not want to offend anyone. Would you rather offend someone if you knew it would save a kid’s life?

Why can’t we intervene? Why is there not a greater awareness being made? Why do kids have to ponder such mature thoughts?

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