Victims of Bullycide

  • Posted: April 29, 2012 and this post was last modified April 25, 2012.

Bullying is a learned behavior that has at least two victims each and every time it happens. The first victim is the person who is bullied and the second is the person who does the bullying. The person who is bullied is the target of a hatred that is almost overwhelming. The intent of the bully is to make his or her victim into an object of ridicule and scorn, to make him or her less than a human being. In doing this the bully creates a victim who is helpless and it is this helplessness that causes bullycide. When all else is taken away, the victim exercises the only power he or she thinks is left: suicide.

The perpetrator of the bullying that led to death is also a victim. He or she has learned that the only way he or she can have value in the world is to take that value from someone else. He has found out through painful personal experience that no one thinks he is a person unless he takes the personhood of someone else away. Each time she teases another to tears, the people who call themselves her friends encourage her, and each time she shows compassion these same friends either ignore or ridicule her. If she shows too much compassion then she is in turn bullied until she reasserts herself and bullies a weaker person. When he realizes what he is doing oftentimes the bully asserts the only real control he feels he has and ends it all in suicide.

Both of these people are victims of bullycide: the ending of a life due to bullying. Bullies are taught to be bullies and need therapy and support to learn new ways to gain self esteem. People who are bullied need therapy to learn new ways to assert themselves and gain the support they need to regain their self esteem. Let us not hate the one and weep for the other. Instead let us look at this as the true problem it is and offer help to both victims. Bullycide is a double victimed offense.

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