There Is A Fine Line Between

  • Posted: May 27, 2010 and this post was last modified April 4, 2011.

There is always a fine line between this and that. The world is comprised of gray. We don’t always like the fact, but the fact is, some things are not as easy as right and wrong, black and white, or stop and go. So it is not always easy to say that if we do one thing, we can stop another; and if we stop one thing, we can do another. We can’t say that it’s always the bully or it’s always the victim and that if we help one, we help the other. But we want to. We want a solution to a problem that has no definitive solution.

At what point is the school responsible for the actions of a bully? At what point should they intervene? And at what point have they overstepped their boundaries? There is a line that is constituted of gray that we do not know how to walk on or along. Is it the parent’s responsibility to assure their kids are not a bully or a victim? Even if they spend less waking hours with them than do their school administrators? Yet some do not want their kids to parented by anyone else but themselves; school is for teaching–not parenting.

There is a fine line drawn that we don’t notice until we need to assess blame.

But we can create a paradox of blame and misdirection when we attempt to deal with the issue of bullycide. The child or adult takes it upon themselves to end their life so in black and white, there is no real assailant. But how much badgering and bullying did that child or adult have to endure to get to the point where they felt that death was their only saving grace? How many people did they encounter that could have stood up for them, stopped the bully, or just plain helped them in a way they needed to be helped? But then again, was it their place to do so?

Social graces and political correctness can often help feed the fuel of misdirection. A teacher may not feel it is their place to discipline a child the way a parent should or intervene the way a parent does best. Students and coworkers all concerned about their image or place in the workplace may feel restricted in what they can do to help too.

It would be nice to see some more attention brought to bullying and bullycide. A class or presentation on stepping outside of our comfort zones or breaking social dogmas that may say we have no right to speak would be nice. We can claim free speech when we want something for ourselves, but why not use the same free speech to stand up for others?

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