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  • Posted: March 12, 2009 and this post was last modified April 4, 2011.

I’m an 80′s baby who grew up in the 90′s and is disappointed with the new millennium. While standing in the long checkout at KMart yesterday, I was browsing through the magazines they have in the racks there. Lately a story has been developing over the latest Bachelor and how he was told to choose one woman over another because it would make for better ratings. After all, they said, no one wants to watch a guy fall in love all season; they want to see drama.


No one wants to watch a love story? No one wants to see true love in action? No one wants to see a happy ending? No one wants to see what we see so very little of anyhow? No one wants to see what is so hard to believe in anymore? No one wants to see that?

I for one will openly admit that I do not like romances…but will watch them all and most become my most favorite of movies. In a world where chaos is the norm and so much negativity is amiss, why wouldn’t anyone want to be brought back to times where the happy ending was something we all wanted to see?

We have become so desensitized that we crave sensationalism just to get our emotions rolling. I was watching some older movies that came out in the 90′s and they were just more wholesome than the movies of 10 years later. Sure, we all knew what was going to happen at the end, but it was the route to the end that was always so different and interesting. I love/d these movies and was so saddened to see the progression [or regression] of the film industry. Now the majority of movies are trying for that sensationalist factor or the dumb comedy route. What happened to the good old fashioned comedy days of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, Uncle Buck, Father of the Bride, and so forth? Good, clean, wholesome comedy and fun. Sure, not always totally wholesome, but not downright stupid comedy.

It’s of no wonder that the youth and people of today are less inclined to deal with the victims anymore. Bullies are commonplace and often expected to toughen a lad up, but why? Why does your child need to be tough? Why does a good person need to be made sour?

There is no excuse for a bully. I’m not saying that we did not have bullies in the older days, but the extent at which a bully can do harm now is far more greater. With such an abundance of information and resources available at these people’s fingertips, their arsenal is endless and their targets then become more vulnerable. How can we teach someone to ignore the pain?

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will still certainly hurt me! The lie that words can do no harm is one we really need to stop spreading around. Sure, they can do no physical harm, but sometimes the psychological is far more powerful than the physical. Why do you think that these tactics are so frowned upon in actual warfare? If it is such a disgrace to the medical community, why would we want to allow our kids and loved ones to be put through it?

And it is psychological warfare. Kids and adults driven to bullycide feel like they cannot escape the bully; like they are powerless when in all actuality they can. It’s not a physical situation always; these kids and adults have voices and a mind that they can use to battle the bully with, but they’ve been so broken down that they need help to repair them. We must help our kids and loved ones. We must not turn a cold shoulder when they show signs of being bullied. One soldier cannot fight a war by himself, but a unit of hundreds upon thousands can help a lot better.

Bullycide is an epidemic that should be eradicated. No single person should ever have so much power over another individual that they cause that individual to take his or her own life. No person should be allowed to get that far.

As we crave more sensational news and tv programming, we become more and more desensitized to the real world woes. We have seen worse, known worse, and believe that certainly a bully could not affect someone so negatively as these youth and adults are crying they do. Surely.

Bring a bully to his knees. Stop him in his tracks. Take back the power. I am so saddened to think of the fact that a bully can get away with so much and be credited so little; if someone commits suicide because he was bullied so much, the bully needs to be addressed. He needs to be held accountable in some manner. There has to be some deterrence to bullies as bullycide is not some game or movie.

I would have loved to watch a true love story. It would have been a welcome break from the sensational programming of today.

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