Report or Not Report?

  • Posted: July 18, 2009 and this post was last modified April 4, 2011.

It is tragic to think that most people do not think about the issue of bullycide unless it affects them or someone in their community. They do not think about the bully and his affects on his victims until it is too late. They say hindsight is 20/20, but what is it that is preventing us from having that 20/20 vision now? Your kids are trying to get help, your co-workers are begging for help, and your friends need your help. Unfortunately in our fast forward driven society, we forget to stop and smell the roses anymore. We forget to listen. We forget about humanity. Until it is too late.

There are so many times that I wish I had the ability to turn back time. I know time travel is impossible, but often I wish for it. I wish I could go back and undo all the wrongs I did unto others, undo my terrible decision making, and just plain do things differently. I wish I could change the world for the better by going back in time and preventing the wrongs.

Bullycide is a problem, and it is actually an underreported one while still consistently rising. And why not? With all the sensationalism being so commonplace nowadays, who is to say what is extreme or offensive anymore?

Why is it that we do not realize how much impact we can have on someone’s life until it is too late? We could choose not to be the bully and cause people to commit suicide, we could choose to help our friend stand up to that bully and restore confidence in that person, and we could choose to get the word out. We could choose to help others. But we are so focused on ourselves until we grow older and realize that we need a community of friends; we need companionship becuase at that time, we have nothing left to do but enjoy life. No more work, no more games, no more sour relationships; why not help the victims and turn them into life long friends? Love them enough to help them?

We are so busy on the fast track that we forget that the train can stop at stations on the way for you to relax and conversate with others.

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