My Son [Reader Submitted]

  • Posted: June 27, 2011 and this post was last modified June 27, 2011.

I live in the UK. My son was bullied from the age of 10 – verbally, physically and on line. He did not tell us anything till he was 12 when he broke down. He developed severe depression and was diagnosed with bi-polar and his psychiatrist said it was triggered by the bullying. He lost all his self confidence, self esteem and self worth. He was an extremely intelligent boy with a very gentle, caring and loving nature and very, very musically talented. He begged me to let him die after three overdose attempts were stopped. I spent days and nights talking to him over many years. At 17years of age he looked up info on suicide websites( Dr Death’s) and gassed himself with helium. That was ¬†two and a half years ago and I campaign vigorously in the UK for changes in the law and school policies etc. Matt has a page through mine called BAN SUICIDE WEBSITES FOR MATT’S SAKE. I support your cause fully – it is a worldwide problem.

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