Loss of My Daughter [Reader Submitted]

  • Posted: March 6, 2011 and this post was last modified June 27, 2011.

On December 2nd at about 10:30am i got the worst call any parent could receive. My mother had found her beloved grand daughter Felicia in the bathroom she had committed suicide. She had been bullied throughout her time in school teachers counselors administrators knew and did nothing. i need to take a stand and make sure her life had meaning and this doesn’t happen to another innocent child. RIP we love you!!!

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  • ren archibald says:

    im researching for a movie on bulling and the effects, and now that i’ve read about what happened to your daughter. I’m starten to regret what i did to some people who where outcasts. I can’t imagen what you’r going through, but I promise never to bully again for the incite of bullycide.

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