How Do We Stop Bullycide?

  • Posted: March 14, 2009 and this post was last modified April 3, 2011.

Life is complex. We know and accept this fact early on usually. Some find the concept itself too complex to grasp. I myself hate that there is so much gray when it takes black and white to make gray.

If we want to stop bullycide, we have to look at the different angles, the different situations, the different environments, the differences period. No single idea or law can stop bullycide. We have seen hate before. We have seen what it can do to others and the spans of time that has been required to diminish just a fraction of it.

The problem is complexity. There are so many different types of haters, and so many different types of bullies.

You have the sociopaths who have no regard for humanity whatsoever, and are incapable of feeling guilt or even remorse. So how do we stop these types of bullies?

You have the bullies who are really only just acting out because they themselves are being bullied at home. We cannot blame them, but we cannot certainly allow them to do unto others as they have had done unto themselves…. How do we stop these types of bullies?

You have the bullies that are just plain bullies who do simply get a kick out of seeing another suffer. The true bully. How do we stop this bully?

And more. How do you stop a bully if you really can’t even stop hate?

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