Cyber Bully: Hide and Seek

  • Posted: July 23, 2010 and this post was last modified April 4, 2011.

The online game of hide and seek can be perpetuated by the ability to show one’s presence online, change the ‘who’ that they are, and become more than one person at the same time. I can be a guy in Texas and a girl in Virginia at the same time and use this ability against my prey if I were so inclined. If I had the idea to be a bully online, I could; the cyber world is a huge playground upon which bullies can find prey from all over.

What are some measures that we can take to prevent cyber bullying? Short of lurking over our kids’ shoulders while they are online, how can we assure that they are not putting themselves in harm’s way? How can we safeguard against these malicious predators?

If nothing else, the online world should be more liberating for a ‘victim’; after all, they can log off at any time, never come back to the offending location, and can pretend to be larger than life and no one is the wiser. So how is that cyber bullies still manage to devastate the lives of their victims?

The mental battlefield is very complex; the triggers in all of us differ from person to person so we can’t really create a solution to problem that is ever-changing, can we?

The hide and seek of the online world can be a volatile game; a cyber bully can prey on multiple victims even at the same time and see no repercussions for their actions. That’s why a victim must stand up for themselves. They must know that no matter who is on the other end of that screen, they are not worth the negative energy and stress. They must know that they can stand up for themselves without fear of being chastised by anyone else. They must know that they have power.

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