Cyber Bullies: Why Are They Here?

  • Posted: April 27, 2012 and this post was last modified April 25, 2012.

We could not term ‘cyber bully‘ without the internet so we could not have known that ‘cyber bullying‘ would be an issue before the age of Internet and later Social Media. Why is the cyber bully here? How did the cyber bully infiltrate our homes?

It’s bad enough that a kid has to endure being bullied in school, but to have to endure the harassment of a cyber bully can make the issue even more unbearable. If the student has no way to ‘escape’ their bully, they can feel even more ‘trapped’. The cyber bully  can reach your child anywhere now because we have created numerous outlets to allow him or her to do so:

Technological advancements– most of the children we are raising today have grown in a technological world with laptops and wireless internet, personal e-mails, social networking sites, cellphones etc. however, most of the parents and guardians bringing up these children grew up in an environment that knew less about all this technologies. Due to this, it has proven hard for most parents to police and monitor the use of these devices that they do not understand fully.

Dynamism of the problem– another reason as to why a cyber bully is of concern is the fact that the net and technology is always changing and technology is always advancing. Despite numerous attempts by researchers to study and comprehend the problem, cyber bullying is being boosted by numerous technological advancements cropping up each day. This has made it more difficult to lay a permanent solution to a problem that has no real permanent solution to begin with.

Increase in online activities– children have more access to the Internet than their parents did when they were in school. They even go through school learning more about the latest technology at an early age. They are taught how to live in the Online Generation. We are pushing them to be more involved online, but we are not instilling good online etiquette so a cyber bully ceases the opportunity to continue his bullying online.

A cyber bully can even be more invasive and demeaning online because he does not have to fear faculty interference in the comfort of his own home. With a slew of information at this bully’s fingertips via online search engines, he can find ways to make his target feel less than human if he wants. He can continue his ‘attacks’ knowing the victim will receive all of his messages rather than not if he is verbally abusing his victim.

The cyber bully will not go away over night; he will hardly be silenced, but that does not mean we should sit idly by.

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