Cyber Bullies: The Coward Hides

  • Posted: December 14, 2009 and this post was last modified April 3, 2011.

There is nothing easier than becoming someone else online; if you want to be the confident you, the sexy you, or just plain opposite you, you can do it online. Unfortunately for some, even the bully knows how to hide behind the online disguise. The online world is a bully’s paradise really. Not only do they have unlimited access to unlimited potential victims, they can bring their game to a whole other level.Bullying does not always entail physical pushing, shoving, and taunting; it can be an emotional warfare that seems far more worse than any physical blows could accomplish. Bullies are cowards at heart though; that’s why they choose their victims based on who they can dominate. That’s why the online world is their paradise; a bully’s playground where they are free to roam. It is so easy for a bully to reign online.

If we let them.

The thing about a bully being able to roam freely online is that they are not the only ones who can do and say whatever they want. You can too. You can be the fighter that you want to be offline. You can stand up for yourself. You can taunt the bully that threatens to invade your space. Become the bully that bullies you? Hopefully not. Put the bully in his place? Surely!

A bully is a coward. Remember this. Tear them apart piece by piece and expose them for who they are. Push them back offline. If we can keep the cyber bullies offline, we have a better chance of dealing with them; less space to hide. In a perfect world…

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