Cyber Bullies: Monsters Everywhere

  • Posted: September 20, 2009 and this post was last modified April 4, 2011.

With the day and age of the internet, anyone can be whomever they create themselves to be. Whether it be the hottie next door that you want to hook up with or the rich man of your dreams, people can create characters easily with the help of the internet. They can even go as far as create a phot to go with their new found persona.

Unfortunately, it makes it all too easy to prey on innocence. It could be the innocence of a child or the pure innocence of a good man that is put to the test. The internet allows for us to create a whole other world where we are royalty, beauty queens, lost lovers, and soul mates; we are everything that everyone is looking for in us. This allows for sexual predators to lure their victims out of the fantasy world and into a horrible reality, but it also allows the gods and goddesses of the online world to say whatever they want to whomever they please.

They are free to bash your friends, kids, and co-workers because there is no one else around to reprimand them or take up for their victims. They are free to play tricks of the mind and just stomp over their victim’s emotions at will.  When it comes to the internet, anyone can play a game of hide-and-seek at any moment. They lure their victims in with fun, wild e-messages and then bash their very character. They play on the see-saw of their victim’s emotions; the up and down of getting their hopes up only to laugh at them across the screen.

We think because the predator hides behind his computer screen that he cannot have the affect that  a bully in the classroom or in the workplace can. But a cyber bully’s job is so much harder than a regular bully; after all, a regular bully can play practical jokes for all to see and physically abuse you whenever they please, but a cyber bully has a limited audience if any. A cyber bully must get in your head and find the right switches to pull in order to get to you.

Psychological warfare is not given enough credit by some, but it is a powerful tool. When someone commits suicide due to prolonged bullying, it is known as bullycide. What if they are bullied online?  Is a cyber bully any less of a bully because he manipulates words and emotions?

They could be your new pal on Facebook, your recent Twitter follower, or just a ‘buddy’ you met in an online forum. A cyber bully can be literally anyone and because you can only see what they let you see, you just never know when they may have you in mind for a target.

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