Bullying is Discrimination

  • Posted: December 28, 2009 and this post was last modified April 4, 2011.

If we really think about, bullying is a strong form of discrimination. The bully picks on a certain type of person: the weak. Just as those who discriminate against a certain race, creed, or religion, the bully will not pick on his own kind. The bully will not pick on someone with a high self esteem. He discriminates.

Yet would we allow a kid to pick on another kid based on their race and how they look? Do we condone the proliferation of hate? As a teacher, do you let the child make slurs that may offend someone else?

But we are powerless to the bully?

Sticks and stones may break our bones, toughen up little soldier, grow a spine; we talk to the victims and try to convince them that they are the ones that need to change. And how does this make them feel? If we are constantly talking to the victims and telling them what they should be doing to deal with the bully, are we not telling the victims that they, in a way, deserve to be bullied?

I ponder this: do we have to have thick skin to live in the world because the world is so cruel or is the world so cruel because we ALLOW it to be?

Some may be too scared to talk to the bully; after all, we don’t want the bully to overreact or just react at all. We don’t want to push them overboard. We tiptoe around the bully because what is kosher anymore is not to discipline, but to reprimand.

Verbal reprimand…to a bully who knows the true power of words?!?! Where’s the logic in that? Do you think you can convince the very bully who uses words to beat your loved ones down that he is wrong? With words of your own?

Certainly, abuse is out of the question. But where have the days of being grounded gone? A good paddle and a restriction to our rooms? When did we stop being proactive?

We don’t have to grow up learning to be cruel or accepting the cruelty; no, we should be able to grow learning to be better and to make the world a better place.

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