Bullycide: What is a Cyber Bully?

  • Posted: April 25, 2012 and this post was last modified April 25, 2012.

In an age where kids spend more and more of their time interacting online, what used to happen on the playground has moved to the internet: bullying. What is a cyber bully? A cyber bully is any person who uses social media in a hostile manner to put down other people or groups of people. Anyone who uses the Internet with malicious intent and in an offensive manner can be considered a cyber bully, it can even extend to adults. Unfortunately, cyber bullying can be far more dangerous than the low-tech type. Those who bully over social media sites often have a wider audience, their posts are permanent and can be viewed again and again by not only friends of the perpetrator, but also by the victim.

In the case of damaging or embarrassing photos posted online, or derogatory terms, it is almost guaranteed that someone will download the content to their hard drives and that it will exist forever, leaving the potential open for closed wounds of any victim to reopen.

Another major problem with the cyber bully is that they take things further than in face-to-face communication. As has been proven in many studies, people have less of a tendency to hold back in online interactions and thus, what might have been a simply hurtful comment face to face could potentially become a disgusting and vicious rant that has even greater emotional consequences for the victim.

It is almost impossible for adults to monitor what goes on online and thus there is little moderation or punishment for many cyber bullies. Recently, across the nation and world a few extreme cases of cyber bullying have been cited in teen suicides.

Most importantly, parents should be aware of how their children are using the internet and limit access when necessary. Technology is a great gift, and a simple lesson should be taught: there is something very wrong about abusing such a gift in a harmful way.

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