Bullycide: Newsworthy?

  • Posted: May 5, 2010 and this post was last modified April 4, 2011.

Whenever I see a friend post a story of a case of bullycide in the news, I am always intrigued by what others will say about it. There are mixed feelings by many because some just do not understand how being bullied can be such a bad ordeal. Others simply think kids these days should ‘toughen up’ because when they were a kid…life was worse? But why does life have to be bad for others just because it was bad for you, and why does it have to stay the same? What about progress?

I think a lot. A lot. My thoughts range from death to life and everything in between. I ponder humanity and what makes a person act and think the way they do. I even have thoughts to bring ill will on others. I’m not perfect; I can think hate though I’d much like not to.

But I’m a decent human first. I consider others, I’m compassionate, and I’m empathetic to those who deserve it. I would never wish the life I had on someone else; after all, while much of who I am may be because of what I endured, much of where I am is because of the choices I made. We speak of life and hardships and what people have to go through as if life is inflicted on someone rather than the collection of experiences and decisions that it is. What I decide may affect the experience of another or myself just as someone else’s decisions may affect another’s experience.

Life does not just have to be. Humanity does not just have to be a good feeling we write about or go to the movies and see. We can make a conscious decision to be good people and enforce good in the people we influence. Whether that be our kids, siblings, friends, or co-workers, taking action requires action.

So is bullycide newsworthy? Is the moral decline of our society newsworthy? Is the picture of our future, regardless of whether or not we are in it, newsworthy?

I applaud the news for recognizing the problem and issue that is bullycide. This is not a ‘survival of the fittest’ issue; this is a humanity issue. I for one would love to hear more about what bullycide is and what is being done to stop it rather than whether or not I should feel bad for an attention seeking adult with too much money to know what real problems are. =]

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