Bullycide: My Heart Goes Out

  • Posted: March 19, 2009 and this post was last modified April 3, 2011.

My heart bleeds for these people who think that their only resort is to take their own life. Why guys? Why do you think that death is better than life? I’ve been there so I cannot really say that I do not relate, but I made it through that time. I was at the lowest of lows. I had even been on the streets with no place left to turn. I know despair. But what I do not know and have not experienced is the constant beating of a bully. I cannot relate. I admit that. But I so want you guys to know there is better out there. Get back at the bully. Do not let the bully defeat you.

Bullycide is the term applied to those who commit suicide as the result of bullying. They have been bullied to the point where they just cannot take it anymore. Problem is, it is not just kids that are affected; it is adults as well.

Kids, young or old, listen to me: you can escape the bully. The junior high and high school years may be tough, yes, but there is so much life yet to live. You will look back on those years and either laugh or appreciate them for making you stronger. Who cares what everyone else thinks? Find some friends that you can hang with and forget about the bully. Tell on the bully. Do anything but let the bully get to you. College is coming! College! Do you guys know how fun college is? It is a blast! And not only that, you can choose to go to any college you want if you focus your energy on your studies and not on what the bully thinks. You can escape the bully. Go to another college, get a degree, get a great job, and laugh at that bully. The bully will not succeed if you succeed. Use the energy you have inside of you to better yourself. Come back 10 years later to a school reunion and show yourself better than them. If you don’t do it for them, do it for yourself. Life is so great and you only get one life to live. Why blow it for a bully?

Adults, listen to me: you can escape the bully. The bully has less rights as an adults to bully you than he did as a kid. Nowadays you have so many laws working for you, so much common sense in your favor, and adults are more willing to stick up for you now than they were as a kid. I work with a woman who is as two-faced as they come. She will talk about you behind your back, use you for whatever she needs, and laugh in your face. Needless to say, I do not associate myself with this woman. But most of the office likes me and prefers to speak with me over her and this annoys her. It annoys her to the point of her trying to be louder, drive more attention to herself, and just plain look like a fool. Find others in your office or area that don’t like the bully just as much and hang out with them. Have fun with them. Not only will you have a support group, but you also will make the bully even more mad because they cannot get a rise out of you anymore. They crave attention. They crave a reaction. Why give them what they want? If they are a bully to the point of abuse, GET HELP. Sure, easier said than done, but nowadays there are so many outlets to help someone being physically abused that you CAN do it.

What is stopping you guys from battling the bully? What is stopping you guys from thinking you are better than the bully? I may not be able to relate to the situation, but I do feel for you. I feel for you not just for the fact that you are being bullied–that is wrong, yes–but I feel for you because you think that life just isn’t worth living because of this bully. A new day brings new life guys. Read up, investigate, find out what makes this bully tick and turn the tables on them. Don’t let them have power over YOU. Do not be the victim. You can only control what you do, what you achieve, and how you react so why let the bully influence that control?

My heart goes out to all those being bullied, but I do want you guys to know that there is always another way. Kids, your parents don’t want to outlive you. Adults, your kids don’t want to be without you. I read somewhere the cruel reality that some would go unnoticed if they died today. I hate to think that people have isolated themselves so much for this to be true, but only you can change that. Go out, make friends. Live. You only have one life; why live just to die? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. After all, if you are considering taking your life, why not go out in bang? TRY new things, TRY to make friends, TRY to find another job, TRY ANYTHING but take your life. But be prepared for the consequences: if you make a friend, they are really going to be hurt if you take your life away from them. Don’t do that to your friends and loved ones. Please. You may not truly realize the impact you have on someone until you are gone, but then you impact them in a negative way that is hard for many to deal with. Why make your friends deal with your loss when you can spend your time enjoying your life together?

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