Bullycide: How Can Words Kill?

  • Posted: May 6, 2009 and this post was last modified April 4, 2011.

We all know that Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me, but how true are those very words?

They seem a little hard to believe, a little hard to stomach, and a little hard to hear when they are constantly bringing you down each day. They seem even harder to believe for those families who have lost a loved one due to bullying and suicide.

Bullycide is a term that refers to an individual committing suicide due to constant bullying. What we forget is that it is not just the physical abuse that is causing this; it is the emotional abuse as well.

Have you ever read a book and been so moved by it that you had to tell all of your friends? Have you ever watched a movie and been driven to tears? To anger? To action?

Perhaps a movie is so filled with visual attributes that you were so moved, but at times is it not what is said that gets through to you the most? A book may be pure fiction, but aren’t the ideas rooted in truth?

What is it about the words that are so powerful?

If words can invoke emotions of fear, love, and unity, why not despair and loneliness? How can we scoff at the notion of someone then killing themselves over the verbal abuse that they endure from a bully?

And what of the sticks and stones? How can we let a loved one be abused by them? We know they can break our bones so why let a bully abuse a friend or family member?

I was chatting with some friends last night and one had commented that she and some other friends had picked on another kid all through elementary school just for being Chinese. They knew absolutely nothing else about the kid except that she was Chinese. This kid could have become their best friend, their shoulder to cry on, or their biggest fan in later years, but all they knew was she was Chinese and all Chinese people were to be hated.

I commented how horrible that was, but she said that the girl was now 17 as well and that they no longer pick on her. Still doesn’t make it right. One may be stronger than the next; how can anyone live with that blood on their hands?

How we can instill hate in our kids, I will never understand. It takes only one decision to change the lives of many, and we decide to instill all that is wrong with our society in a new generation???

Don’t you want better for your kids? Don’t you want better for your dynasty?

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