Bullycide: Emotional Warfare

  • Posted: February 13, 2009 and this post was last modified April 4, 2011.

We support our troops with words of encouragement, financial aid, and anything else we can find to show that soldier we appreciate his work. We know that when he comes back, the battlefield that he will have to deal with is then in his mind. The emotional warfare that a soldier has to undergo is not a pleasant one, but we recognize its existence.

But what about the emotional battlefield that adults and youth alike are faced with when dealing with a bully? A bully knows exactly what buttons to push and does so with the intent to cripple his target; whether it be an emotional break or a physical one, the bully takes pleasure in the victim’s pain. So why then are the bullies not being held accountable for their actions? After all, they act with the intent to harm.

Jokes, games, and kids will be kids attitudes should not apply to ongoing instances of bullying. At the point where the games and jokes become malicious, the bully is in the wrong. No one should have to deal with a bully just as no one should have to deal with a con man, identity thief, or even an assailant.

Sure we are afforded the right to free speech, but are we not also afforded the right to the pursuit of happiness? How can one be happy when he is constantly abused? More than that, schools and workplaces alike censor speech based on discrimination and sexual innuendos and more so why not censor the bully?

The problem I have with bullies and their uninhibited mannerisms is that it just plain represents what we as people should not be. The problem with the world is there is so much hate, greed, and negative energy that produces sorrow, pain, and suffering. Why don’t we work for a better tomorrow rather than finding out who’s ‘guns’ are bigger?

The world disgusts me. Instead of helping each other, we try to break each other down. This causes more problems than it solves. Why? Because we are left with fatherless families that have to now pick up the pieces and struggle to make ends meet, more money needed to rebuild homes and institutions, and survivors left with emotional scars that will take a lifetime to heal.

If we can target a mind before it has been tainted, why not try? Why not discipline the youth and correct them before they turn into full pledged adult bullies? Sure, a narcissist is always a narcissist so we should not even bother dealing with them, right? At least not until they do something serious…

Bullycide arises out of long term bullying. It is not a fluke incident. This means there is time enough to counteract a bully’s efforts. We CAN help. Why let a youth cut his life short or a loved one leave us empty? Just because the battle is an emotional one does not make it any more acceptable than a true battle.

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