Bullycide: Do We Care?

  • Posted: June 19, 2009 and this post was last modified April 4, 2011.

Do people actually care about the bullycide issue? I mean, not to say that we do not care at all, but is it a pressing issue? With everyone concerned about the economy and how the president is doing, are charity and other issues being overlooked?

Perhaps it is because all I see in the news anymore is dealing with our “declining” economy or the “war” or everything else bad in the world. Not to say bullycide is a good issue, but working towards a solution is good. Right? I just wonder if there are others out there like me who want to see people have a better life. Love life, enjoy life, and know what it feels like to live outside of the fear.

Life is not always daisies and roses, but it does not have to be a living hell at all times. I love seeing people talking about pay it forward because it involves the idea of good humanity. That we would actually do something in hopes that others will do good will for others (not necessarily us) is an awesome concept. Why can’t we pay it forward for these victims of bullies? Step in. Intervene. Say something. Stand up for your friend or coworker. What do you have to lose? Really?

It is hard to be the one to stand up for something that is right if you do not have a group behind you. I know this. I know how we work. We cannot seem to stand alone because we feel we will then be alone. But what about your friend? You still keep them. And do you really want to be accepted by those who ostracize others?

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