Bullycide: A Whole New Year

  • Posted: January 3, 2011 and this post was last modified April 3, 2011.

The New Year always brings feelings of hope and second chances; we relish a new year so as to have a “new beginning”–”out with the old, in with the new”. The good thing about change is that it can be for the better. Bullycide is an issue that is becoming more and more of a prevalent issue for discussion in the media and amongst celebrities. The tragedy that someone we love would take their life for any reason much less being pushed into it by a bully is not something that we are prepared to endure.

One reason for the surge in bullycide discussion stems from the gay rights movements and interests. Once a child commits suicide due to being bullied for his sexual preference, they are not just victims of bullycide, one might consider them victims of a hate crime.

Another reason is just the fact that so many of the latest reports are of children; no one wants to hear that a child took their own life before they really had a chance to live it.

Bullycide is the act of suicide as a result of bullying; it does not solely apply to children though and can be found in the workplace as well. The tragedy is that these are our friends and loved ones who thought their only way out was death; it is notion that is so hard to fathom. But we have to remember that we were once kids: we know how the world revolved around school life. We have to remember that the majority of our waking weekday was spent in the presence of our peers and if we wanted to have a fun weekend with them, we’d have to fit in and be liked. To the victim of a bully, how are they supposed to cope when their world is so bleak?

More and more are seeing that bullycide is an issue that needs to be seriously addressed. Anti-bullying campaigns across the globe have been successful in getting anti-bullying laws passed, but more needs to be done. Anti-bullying laws should be passed across all the states, anti-bullying programs should be like D.A.R.E. and be pushed at a young age. We need to be more proactive than just hoping a set of laws will change the mindset of a troubled youth both as the bully and the one being bullied. Stick up for the victim, help the victim, befriend the victim, report the bully, remove the bully, protect the victim, educate the bully, entertain the bully, help the bully…

As we step into a new year, I hope that it brings a lot of tolerance and that we can continue to fight bullycide amongst youth and bullycide in the workplace.

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