Big Bully

  • Posted: May 27, 2009 and this post was last modified April 3, 2011.

I was getting breakfast last week when I overheard a conversation between two men in line. It may have been that I was standing a little too close or that I was trying a little too hard, but I think in reality the initiator of the conversation wanted me to hear him. He wanted anyone to hear.

The guy was boasting (without really boasting) that he was given an new duty to oversee the entire warehouse for their company. Apparently, he was befuddled as to why they didn’t let him have the job a couple of years before when he wanted it instead of them hiring a new manager. After all, he said, he was just as qualified then as now and would not have to be cleaning up the mess that that manager made since then if they had. After all, he was a very organized and proficient worker. He could do the job with no problems. He was the key.

Now I could not help but listen to this pompous buffoon speak because I was waiting for my food to be cooked and he was quite loud for a conversation that should have been between just he and his companion. He commented that he not only had to take on this new role, but also had to take on a project manager role that was demanding too much too soon. He went on to say that he was still going to do things his way regardless. And commented on how he did not get along with one of his team members, but that management put them together knowing their dislike of each other.

It was like something straight out of high school.

I don’t like so-and-so so my teacher made us partner.

Perhaps to build character?

The guy looked to be in the mid 50s. And still the apparent snob. This is how we demean others; by putting ourselves so high up on that pedestal that we actually think we are as mighty as we have made ourselves think.

Bullies don’t have to throw sticks and stones to hurt anyone. Words alone and body language can be just as brutal. So what if the guy next to you makes more or less money than you do? Do you have to go home with him? Does he pay your bills? Does he have a say in how you run your life? Why be such a pain? A bully?

More people are sympathetic to children’s suicide because they know they had so much more life left in them or they know how innocent and fragile they were or they just cannot fathom such horror at a young age. They feel for those kids and their parents. But we forget that bullying is not just something that occurs in youth; it is a problem that adults have to deal with as well.

I can only imagine how that arrogant man treats his coworkers or, heaven forbid, someone he has command over. But I do not imagine it is daisies and roses.

Bullying encompasses many aspects of communication and behavior. Funny thing is, the more active the audience, the more these bullies seem to take to being so mean. So why give them the motivation?

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