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  • Posted: April 25, 2011 and this post was last modified April 25, 2011.

It is one thing to be for or against something; it is another to take a stand, or in this case, a walk for it. According to an article in the Westmoreland Times, a Pennsylvania resident has taken to walking 600 miles to build awareness to the tragedy that is bullycide.

When five kids in just your surrounding communities alone take their own lives, the news can just be heart-wrenching. But do we just sit around and talk about it amongst our friends? Or share a sympathetic moment for the families? Do we continue with our lives because we are not affected…yet?

I battle with these own questions myself; how can I as one person be a change? I can’t. It’s a matter of fact, but as a collective working with others, we can make a change. How? Starting in our own communities; building awareness in our own schools, being proactive in finding out what kind of bullying awareness programs are available [if any], and just plain teaching our kids to be better people or that they are above the attacks of the bully.

I don’t speak utopia; real changes are made by real people taking a real effort. A change in how you raise your kids, or how you teach, or how you deal with a bully, or how you deal with bullying in your school, or anything that is a step in the opposite direction of the status quo.

It took me some years to realize that if I keep doing the same thing expecting different results, I will either drive myself mad or give up altogether; to achieve what I want/ed to achieve, I have/had to try new things until I get what I want. If something doesn’t work, fix it, modify it, or replace it altogether.

One man decides to walk in support of Bullycide Awareness and gains a community of support. He leaves his 6-figure job to do something so selfless that its dividends cannot be measured. If we all just took a small step in the right direction, that’d be a lot of ground covered in beating this horrific issue.

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